Epoxy Curing Agent

Epoxy Curing Agent
Product Name Type
Modified aliphatic polyamine Room temperature curing Various modified amine type curing agents such as epoxy adducts of polyamines, MXDA, IPDA, Mannich reaction products, and Michael reaction products. often used for Corrosion-resistant paints and flooring paints.
Modified polyamide Room temperature curing Curing agents synthesized from a polymerized fatty acid or other carboxylic acid and polyamines as main raw materials, having an amide bond and many amino groups in the molecule. Ofthen used for orrosion-resistant paints, civil engineering / building adhesives, casting agents and the like in many cases.
Modified mercaptan Room temperature curing A curing agent having a mercapto group. Characterized by fast low temperature curing utilizing accelerators such as tertiary amines in combination. It is widely used from building materials to electric materials applications.
DICY (Dicyandiamide) Thermal curing It reacts at high temperature and is often used in one-pack formulations for laminates, casting agents, powder coatings etc. with its long pot life.
Hydrazide compound Thermal curing Very long Pot life and excellent storage stability. It is often used as one-pack formulation for electric material adhesive.
Imidazole Accelerator With tertiary nitrogen container. It is used as a curing accelerator for DICY, phenols, acid anhydride. etc. In addition to a sole curing agent performance by itself. Used in copper-acid laminate, semiconductor sealing agent, resist ink, structural adhesive etc in many cases.