Heat Treatment Oil

nippon grease


Heat treating oils are designed to meet the mechanical performance requirements needed to produce high-quality metallic materials, when heating and cooling these materials under special conditions. These are normally mineral oil-based, used in quenching and tempering. 

Used: Hot batch, quenching, bright quenching, vacuum carburizing and quenching, induction hardening, and etc.


  Viscosity  mm2/s Cooling Performance Distortion Application
40°C 100°C
Cold type oil Max 35 Max 6 High Large Suitable for all kind of steel, forged parts, large sizes parts, bolt press etc.
Semi hot type oil 35 - 150 6 - 15 Middle Middle Gear, Carburizing, shaft, bearing races
Hot type oil Min 150 Min 15 Low Small Gear, Carburizing, shaft, bearing races