Petrolatums are homogeneous mixtures of oily and waxy long-chain, nonpolar hydrocarbons. Their hydrating properties set a standard against which other moisturizers are compared. Odorless and tasteless, they range in color from white to yellow, and differ from one another in gloss, consistency and shear strength, plus sensory attributes including slip, cushion, playtime and spreadability — all important in personal care applications.

Personal care and pharmaceutical formulators often choose Sonneborn petrolatums as a formulation base. Petrolatums add substance, lubricity and moisture resistance to lotions, creams, ointments and hand cleaners. Sonneborn petrolatums meet FDA requirements. Food processors rely on them for uses that range from baking and candy-making to packaging. In jar candles, the addition of petrolatum affects the crystallinity of the waxes to give a smoother, more pleasing appearance. In metal polishes and buffing compounds, petrolatums protect against moisture and corrosion.

Sonneborn, an HF Sinclair brand, carries the world’s broadest line of standard and custom-compounded petrolatums and related products. As a petrolatum supplier, Sonneborn’s lines of USP petrolatums meet FDA 21 CFR 172.880. Our medium-consistency Protopet grades are used in many fine cosmetics and ointments. Softer Fonoline grades are used in petroleum jellies and high-solids ointments.

  • Alba™ Protopet
  • Mineral Jelly #10
  • Mineral Jelly #14
  • Mineral Jelly #17
  • Perfecta™
  • Protoline™
  • Sonnecone™ CM
  • Sonnecone™ DM1
  • Sono Jell™ #4
  • Sono Jell™ #9
  • Super White Fonoline™
  • Super White Protopet™
  • White Fonoline™
  • White Protopet™ 1S
  • White Protopet™ 2L
  • White Protopet™ 3C
  • Yellow Fonoline™
  • Yellow Protopet™ 2A

It is a semisolid mixture made by kneading wax and lubricant obtained from petroleum. It is mainly used for anti-rust purpose.

Supplier Product
SONNEBORN Industrial Petrolatum: WHITE Protopet Series


Imported vaseline(petrolatum) from Sonneborn LLC, USA. Highly refined vaseline, many of which are being applied for pharmaceutical and quasi-drug products. We offer multiplegrades depending on the requirement of color, hardness, melting point.

Product Name Viscosity cSt40°C Viscosity SUS@100°F Lovibond  Colour
Alba Protopet 54.4-60.0 180-210 1.0-1.3Y(3"CELL)
Super White Protopet 54.4-60.0 180-210 1.0MAX(3"CELL)
White Protopet 2L 54.4-60.0 180-210 5-10Y/0.5-1.0R(2"CELL)
White Protopet 1S 51.7-57.2 170-200 1.5-2Y(2"CELL)
White Protopet 3C 54.4-60.0 180-210 10 - 25Y/ 1-2 R(2"CELL)
Yellow Protopet 2A 54.4-60.0 180-215 20.0-40.0Y / 2.0-3.0R(2"CELL)
Perfecta 57.2-60.0 180-210 0.2-0.5Y(3"CELL)
White Fonoline 52.8-58.3 210-245 1.5-2.0(2"CELL)
Super White Fonoline 50.0-56.1 195-230 1.0MAX(3"CELL)
Yellow Fonoline 52.8-58.3 210-245 20-40Y(2"CELL)
Petrolatum WP-2395 54.4-60.0 150-170 0.5MAX(3"CELL)
Special White Petrolatum 51.1-57.2 175-190 1.3-1.7Y(2"CELL)
Snowwhite N 54-60 160-180 1.5MAX(2"CELL)
Snowwhite Special 53-59 160-180 1.0MAX(2"CELL)
Sonojell #9 41.7-48.9 150-170 0.5MAX(3"CELL)
SonneCone DM1 38.0-51.6 240-300 1.0MAX(3"CELL)
SonneCone CM 38.0-51.6 240-300 1.0MAX(3"CELL)


  • Sonneborn is an HF Sinclair Brand
  • Trademarks used under license.