Microcrystalline waxes consist of odorless, tasteless, nonpolar hydrocarbons with relatively high melting points. Varying in color from white to yellow, Sonneborn Multiwax grades also vary in such physical properties as hardness and melting point.

As one of the world’s primary microcrystalline wax suppliers, Sonneborn, an HF Sinclair brand, offers a wide range for numerous applications.  Our waxes act as bases for chewing gum and as cold-flexible coatings for cheese wheels. They are natural bases in lipstick, cold creams and ointments, where they harden, lubricate, carry pigments and medication, and protect against moisture. Sonneborn is widely known to produce the whitest microcrystalline waxes in the market.

Sonneborn’s FDA-compliant Multiwax plays an important role in food packaging. Wax-impregnated paper, film, foil and corrugated board protect foods from moisture. The leading HOT MELT adhesive manufacturers choose Sonneborn’s Multiwaxes to help their HOT MELT adhesives flow readily and form flexible bonds. Many of the wax products we use daily, from crayons, candles, and caulk to sealants and fine wood polishes, start with Sonneborn Multiwax. Our microcrystalline waxes act as carriers for compounds that prevent rust in a wide range of industries.

One of the world’s largest microcrystalline wax suppliers, Sonneborn produces a wide range for numerous applications. Because we make all of our waxes as a primary product, not a by-product, we rank among the most dependable microcrystalline wax suppliers in the world. We ship waxes as bulk liquids and in slabbed form shipped in cartons or pallets.

All of Sonneborn’s standard Multiwax grades meet FDA CFR 172.886 and 178.3710 requirements for food-grade petroleum waxes. Our product line offers you the world’s widest choice of white microcrystalline waxes. We also provide a variety of technical grades. The hardness of our standard waxes ranges from 15 to 80 on the ASTM D-1321 needle penetration test. Sonneborn customizes physical properties to meet customer specifications.

  • Multiwax™ 180-M
  • Multiwax™ 180 M-H
  • Multiwax™ 180-W
  • Multiwax™ 7545
  • Multiwax™ ML-445
  • Multiwax™ ML-445-H
  • Multiwax™ R
  • Multiwax™ W-445
  • Multiwax™ W-835
  • Multiwax™ X-145 AH

It is a wax taken out from the vacuum distillation residual oil of crude oil, and it contains large amount of isoparaffin and cycloparaffin.

Supplier Products
SONNEBORN Industrial Micro Crystalline Wax:


Imported microcrystalline wax from Sonneborn LLC, USA. Mulltiple grades depending on color, melting point and penetration degree are available.

Product Name Melting Point Penetration Color
Multiwax W-445 76.7-82.2 25-35 +16MIN
Multiwax W-835 73.9-79.4 60-80 +16MIN
Multiwax ML-445 76.7-82.2 25-35 1.0-2.0
Multiwax 180-M 79.4-86.7 15-22 2.0MAX
  • Sonneborn is an HF Sinclair Brand
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